Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We've landed!

Two movers, a truck, three cars, a flight of stairs, and more trips to Meijer than you can count, and we're finally here.

Fritz has had the hardest time adjusting. Scratching has been particularly difficult on the wood floors; it's hard to scratch your ear with your back legs when your front legs keep slipping out from underneath you. Plus, just when he learned how to run on wood floors, we gave him a soft blanket to use on the hard kitchen floor; while chasing the ball, Fritz wasn't able to quickly recalibrate — he hit the blanket at top speed, slid, tried to turn, and fell sideways against the hard floor with a thump. Fortunately, the only lasting injury was to his pride.

Our 19th century shotgun apartment includes a huge bedroom and three closets. Unfortunately, the architect put the closets two rooms away in the office. So we visited IKEA to get three easy-to-assemble wardrobes. A long car ride and twelve hours later, two are in place and the third still sits in a box downstairs waiting for someone to build up the stamina to carry it piece-by-piece up the stairs. We had to use two pieces of plywood, two Quick Grips, a large C clamp, and a diamond-coated file to get the tracks pushed into the wood. IKEA probably has some great hinges, but they need some work on their sliding doors. Hopefully the purple bruises on Ted's hands will clear up by Winter Solstice.

All of that being said, it's nice to be within walking distance of coffee shops, a movie theatre, restaurants, grocery stores, and a dog-friendly ACE hardware (the C clamp was Fritz's idea). We've also been enjoying the beautiful park across the street; Fritz is waiting for the day we let him swim in the lake.

Updates will follow!